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Do you require evaluation before we bring our dog for boarding?

No, this is the advantage to coming to a facility with the knowledge and experience we have a Meridian kennels. We have handled a vast variety of dogs here at Meridian from dachshunds to the Chico Police dogs and everything in between. We make our assessment during the visit. We take a lot of time seeing who can play with whom and even at times decide some are better off to be exercised alone.  If we feel a dog shouldn’t be here we will discuss that with the owner. But honestly most folks that care enough to board their dogs have very nice dogs some are just more playful than others and that is fine.

Why does my dog get home from the kennel and want to sleep when he/she comes home from the kennel? Is it depression? Has my dog been treated poorly?

While most dogs never have an issue I can understand why this is asked especially since the only barometer you have to know how it went is how your dog is acting. Simply put your dog is tired. There is a lot of stimulation going on while your dog is here and there is a lot of excitement. More than they are use to at home.  Similar to when you get home from vacation and you are wiped out. It’s just different and they are on the go more than they are at home. This is all very normal.

What is a bordatella vaccination?

The vaccination is to help prevent kennel cough.  Most commonly described as the common cold for dogs.

What is required for my dog to stay with you?

The county now requires we have a copy of the rabies certificate so we can keep it on file. We require verification your dog is current on distemper, influenza virus vaccine, parvo, and bordatella vaccination.  We require your dog be in good health as to not cause any complications for any other pets that staying at Meridian.

Does Meridian K9 Resorts supply food?

Yes we do. We use the brand Loyal which is provided by one of the local feed stores in Chico. It seems to be very easy on the digestive system and since have used it we don’t have much problem with soft stools. We are very happy with this feed.

Can we bring bedding?

Bedding is fine to bring. Usually something washable like blankets work good. Depending on the dog sometime the bedding can get dirty and so it is important that you are able to wash them when you get home. If you have a dog that is prone to tearing up bedding then a blanket is a must since they don’t tend to create as big of a mess as a stuffed pillow.

Can I bring toys from home?

You are welcome to bring toys. But to be honest dogs rarely touch them while there here cause there is so much going on around facility. If you choose to bring something we discourage stuff animals, rope toys or anything that can soak up liquid. Something plastic that is at least 2 inches tall is perfect.